Breathing Training

I’ve been helping people in Toowoomba breathe freely for several years now…

If I asked you if you know how to breathe, I bet that you’ll tell me that you do. But the chances are that if I assessed your breathing patterns and got you to breathe properly, we would find that this is an area in which you could improve!

Quite simply, if you don’t breathe, you die! If you have asthma, COPD, lower back pain, are a weight trainer or are an athlete – breathing properly is of the utmost importance. Breathing is the basis of all my programmes – regardless of whether you are doing rehabilitation or sports training. When you learn how to breathe well, you will ease muscular tension and reduce stress. In addition, you will also work your diaphragm, which forms the basis of your core musculature.

For those of you with respiratory issues I run a science based programme that you can safely do at home, using a Power Breathe device for optimum results.

For those of you serious about improving athletic results, I run a similar science based programme using Power Breathe devices, designed to optimise your breathing to increase athletic outcomes.

To get your breathing on track, call Dave on 0434 539 833.