A great tool to train full body movements in a functional manner…

You’ve probably heard of kettlebells, seen them or used them yourself. What do you want to achieve? The possibilities are endless  – kettlebells are a great tool for fat loss, rehabilitation and to gain strength and endurance! You can choose to train with a group of like-minded people several times per week; you can train one on one; or you can learn the basics in a workshop. The choice is yours.

Like any tool, a kettlebell is only as good as the person using it. Take the opportunity to train with Toowoomba’s most experienced and only internationally certified kettlebell instructor. I have been helping people like you train with kettlebells in Toowoomba since 2009. I take great pride in the fact that I am affiliated with StrongFirst and have assisted Pavel Tsatsouline in the inaugural Australian StrongFirst kettlebell certification in 2013.

Get of your computer now and call Dave to start on your kettlebell journey!