Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation

If you’re bent and broken, I can mend you!

Whether it is your lower back, shoulder, knee or ankle that is giving you grief, I have got you covered! Using a systematic approach to assessing your movement patterns, pain triggers, areas of imbalance and compensation, I can help you to reduce pain and increase your physical function. I have been doing this for over 20 years and have developed a progressive and educational system to help you to get better.

There are a number of options as to how we can work together to do this: you can opt for a one on one approach, with an initial assessment and regular weekly or fortnightly reviews; you can choose to join in on a supervised class with a number of other people who have been in your shoes; or you may be eligible for treatment under a Medicare Chronic Disease Management plan.

Pick up your phone and call Dave to discuss making pain a thing of your past.