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In this video Gordon Kent talks about Toowoomba Pain expert Dave Johnston of Today’s Health and Fitness.

Adhering to a planned program that is professionally prepared and guided is far more rewarding.It is much easier to achieve desired goals following a realistic achievable program.I have achieved continued improvement in strength, mobility and a large increase in knowledge Having the guidance of a knowledgable trainer in Dave, correcting errors in form, providing feedback and motivationDon’t waste any time.  Get on board now.  The road to success and improvement is a long slow journey.  Best achieved by following a program and being guided and taught by an experienced trainer.”

by Brendan Ellis

I have always done some form of training but had found that my mobility was not great. My knees were always sore and my shoulders very stiff. My core strength was terrible which led to lower back problems.Since I have started training my knees no longer ache and have become much stronger, my core strength has improved and I have no more lower back problems. Overall I feel better than I have for years in fact at the age of 54 I’m now feeling fitter and stronger than I did when I was 40.I enjoy the interaction in our classes mixed with competitive and encouraging influences. Having a trainer keeps us on task, makes us achieve goals and drives us on the days that we don’t feel motivated. I could go on and on about how good you will feel but the truth is that if are serious about looking after yourself then put your trust in the hands of someone who really know what they are doing. If you make the effort to turn up then the results will come but you have to want to do it. Being active in a class situation will make you feel physically better but it also puts your mind in a good place. The full experience…..Mind, Body and Soul.

by Lou Gordon

In this video see a testimonial from Ken McGilvray about Toowoomba Pain expert Dave Johnston of Today’s Health and Fitness.

Although my initial goal was just fat loss and learning kettlebells, with Dave’s help I have achieved much more, including:No more neck pain – I’d had this pain for years,  improved mobility, vastly improved posture, improved eating habits, added muscle mass.And I am currently the strongest I have ever been.  What I like best about training with Dave is the friendly environment, having a trainer that tailors exercises to my body’s unique abilities, having a trainer that is always monitoring my form and correcting it as required, intelligent training that focuses on sustainable long term improvement and injury prevention.If you want to achieve your health and fitness goals in sustainable and intelligent manner and do it over the long term – give it a go. 

by Travis Mauger

In this video see a testimonial from Dan Perrott talking about Toowoomba Pain expert Dave Johnston of Today’s Health and Fitness.

Daniel decided that he needed a change. He works long hours; experiences lower back pain; and is getting married in November!

Since starting training in August 2014, Daniel has found that his back pain has disappeared (he actually is aware of his core muscles and they are working instead of his back!); he has gained muscles mass; and lost fat.

Daniel likes the laid back atmosphere of the classes. He finds that the focus is on constant improvement, rather than having someone stand over him, yelling at him and forcing him to do things. What this adds up to, is that Daniel doesn’t dread coming in to sessions.

“Come in and have a go for a month and feel your body start to work like it’s supposed to!”

Success Stories  Daniel Schmidt   Property Developer   Age 29

Initially Dennis wanted to increase his overall level of fitness: strength; stamina; suppleness; speed; and psychology.

Since he started training, Dennis has achieved a noticeable change in his posture; weight loss; and a higher degree of core strength.

Dennis likes the fact that his exercise programme is personalised to his needs and that the emphasis is on learning correct technique before progressing.

“If you want to achieve an excellent level of fitness in a professional environment, do it! Regardless of your age of fitness level.”

Success Stories Dennis Jeffers   Business Owner   Age: 69

Being deskbound over 10 hours/day. While keeping aerobically fit cycling and running, a constant back problem was growing.  In addition, a serious motorcycle accident in 2007 has resulted in a leg length discrepancy of 20mm, requiring ‘balancing’ type exercises.

I have now been learning exercises, coordination, strength training and enjoying 3 sessions each week for nearly 6 years.

A chronic shoulder ailment (RH) is slowly resolving thanks to the cautious remedial exercises Dave administers.  Back pain is much reduced and as a result of steady strength and mobility training I can dead lift over 165 kgs. A real achievement.  Still working on improving upper body strength too, and really enjoy the great interpersonal relationships that have developed.  Relaxed Group training in a small group with a trainer as perceptive as Dave, allows us constant supervision of ‘form’ without risking excess weights/reps etc.

Join up without delay and trust in a steady and safe growth in fitness, strength and mobility as you persevere through programmes that are most beneficial even when lacking some of the ‘big-gym’ posturing! 

by Gordon Kent

Vicky had a prolonged problem with damage to one of her knees which resulted in surgery. She found it difficult to exercise without causing an exacerbation of her knee.

Since starting with us in November 2013, Vicky has increased her flexibility, strength and has no knee pain.

Vicky likes the fact that the focus of her programme is about constant improvement while using correct form. 

“Training with Dave ensures that you can build strength and flexibility with a focus on correct form. Therefore the training is both rehabilitative and reduces injury risk.”

Success Stories Vicky Jeffers   Pharmacist   Age:41